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The Difference:

DefensTech® offers a premier building the optimum in protection against blast and natural disaster, creating a true “Safe Environment”.


This will allow buildings to be marketed as Premier Buildings offering maximum protection to its tenants.


Offers buildings the ability to withstand major blast and damage from fragmentation, while at the same time strengthening the structural integrity of the building.

DefensTech® offers the following:

  • An intelligent, integrated security solution which increases survivability in the event of a terrorist attack.
  • Enhances the ability of evacuating occupants from the building in the event a blast takes place.
  • Patent Protected process producing blast mitigation, fragmentation mitigation, increased structural strength, protection against natural disasters and thermal properties.
  • Blast, ballistic and chemical containment in the event an explosive device were set off in the parking area, stairwells, lobby, mail room, etc.
  • The Defend-X® product line acts as a containment barrier to biological or chemical agents.
  • Defend-X® is tack-free within 10 seconds of installation saving costs by reducing down time required for installation.
  • Environmentally friendly; VOC and CFC free product line.
  • Does not interfere with the architectural beauty of the building.
  • Material is hidden from view as it is encapsulated between the outer walls and inner wall structure.
  • The most effective solution commercially available today.

Defend-X® Products

DefensTech® – The First Line of Defence blast mitigating structural coating

  • Industrial Coatings
    Defend-X® Industrial Coatings are the first line of defense in the protection of facilities, equipment and vehicles from impact, abrasion, corrosion, and chemical attack....
  • Blast Mitigating Structural Coating
    Defend-X® Blast Mitigating Structural Coating is strong yet flexible. Structures coated with Defend-X® can withstand blasts up to 20 times greater than an untreated structure can endure....
  • Ballistic Resistant Door Panels
    Our Innovative Patent-Pending surface mount bolt-on system installs on the inside of the door in minutes with minimal tools....
  • Life Saver Hard Armor
    Defend-X® Life Saver Hard Armor is designed to fit most standard carrier harnesses (or vests). Available in Level IIIa, III & IV protection....
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DefensTech® News & Updates

  • ATTN: U.S. Intellectual Property Holders: Could This Happen To You?!
    Imagine you were a successful Entrepreneur and Businessman that decided to invest $4 MIL of your hard earned money into a defense related company, a few years after 9/11, with the intent of protecting and saving lives. You acquire a broad Patent that was used to rebuild parts of the Pentagon Walls for structural strengthening and blast mitigation. The person Continue Reading... more
  • DefensTech Investment Opportunities
    DefensTech, a US Veteran owned business, is a fully licensed technology company in the blast, seismic and earthquake mitigation, industrial coatings and personnel armor business segment, has a $3.5M carry forward NOL that should be considered by interested parties wishing to make an acquisition, investment, or obtain a major tax reduction in the current fiscal year. Interested parties email: more