Ballistic Resistant Door Panels

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The Ultimate in Tactical Protection

Defend-X® vehicle door panels provide a ballistic resistant and blast mitigating shield behind which law enforcement officers can take cover during a life-threatening encounter.

Our Innovative Patent-Pending surface mount bolt-on system installs on the inside of the door in minutes with minimal tools.

Defend-X® Door Panels provide the largest ballistic protection area in the industry and can be installed on new vehicles or retrofitted to your existing fleet.

Defend-X® Door panels can be removed and re-installed at the end of the vehicle service life.

Our Level III door panels defeat rifle threats of 7.62 X 51mm FMJ NATO BALL and will stop AK47, 7.62 X 39mm, AK74, 5.45 X 39mm with mild steel core and all lower assault/hunting rifle cartridges, including ALL handgun projectiles.


  • EZ-Bolt-on Installation;
  • Level IIIA & Level III;
  • Largest Protection Area;
  • 6 Year Warranty;
  • Multiple Models Available.

Before Installation

Dodge Charger Police Cruiser factory door panel prior to installation

Chevy Impala Police Cruiser factory door panel prior to installation

After Installation

Defend-X® Door Panel installed on the Dodge Charger Police Cruiser

Defend-X® Door Panel installed on the Chevy Impala Police Cruiser